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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more lethal 5.56 or 7.62?

Higher on the chart means the round is more lethal. You can clearly see that some rounds are a little higher than others, and in general, the lethality decreases as distance increases. They even compared these 5.56 rounds against a heavier, more powerful 7.62 round which actually performed the poorest.

Is there a problem with the lethality of the 5.56 NATO?

NATO is currently studying several industry solutions of a powered rail system, where the power is centralized in the pistol grip or buttstock and is sent to the rails where the flashlight, as an example, then would only consist of a reflector, which reduces weight and volume of the device and increases battery life expectancy.

What is the effective range of 5.56mm NATO?

5.56mm NATO, specified with a 62 grain FMJBT jacketed lead bullet with a mild steel ‘penatrator' tip and designated M855 ball in the US inventory, is rated as being effective against military adversaries out to 600 meters when used with the M16A2 rifle.

What's the effective range of a 223 5.56 bullet?

The 224/5.56 is used in the AR style rifle that is simply easier to use ( which is why women and juniors are now competitive), thus giving the 223/5.56 a longer effective range, not because of the bullet per se but because of the shooter. This on paper applies to all bullets, but not on the range.

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