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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes case to get stuck in chamber after firing?

Only shot a couple boxes of 140 factory though. The nick on the shoulder is probably from the feedramp, while the savage ramp is less steep and longer then a remmy, i have saw a burr at the bottom edge of the ramp that will scar brass . A dremel with stone then polishing drum and jewelers ruge.

What causes a sniper to get stuck in the Chamber?

"The cause....the ramp cut on the bolt handle is too deep, resulting in less camming distance from the ramp on the rear baffle. The fix....get a bolt handle that has less machined from the ramp."

Why is my AR 15 not chambering properly?

A common cause of failure to chamber is that the bolt carrier group has not moved forward with enough force to complete the operation of feeding/chambering ammunition or to lock the bolt in place.

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