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Frequently Asked Questions

How much velocity does a Black Hills 223 lose?

The Black Hills 223 68-grain heavy match was lost velocity at a fairly consistent rate. The largest decrease in velocity resulted from the barrel being cut from 20″ to 19″ with a loss of 41 ft/sec. Of the 220 test rounds fired, we logged 6 light primer strikes on the Federal M193 and 1 on the Winchester M855.

What is the velocity of a 5.56 NATO bullet?

Depending on the bullet weight and powder load, anywhere from 2,800fps (853mps) to 3,300 fps (1,006mps). Lighter bullets (40 to 55 grains) with heavier powder loads will reach the top end of this spectrum. Heavier bullets (77 to 90 grains) with standard loads will drop to the lower end of this spectrum.

What's the average velocity of a 223 barrel?

Utilizing the data from the 16.5″ barrel, average velocity loss per inch of barrel length was 22.5 ft/sec for the UMC 223 55-grain cartridge, 25.7 ft/sec for the Federal M-193 cartridge, 30.3 ft/sec for the Winchester M855 cartridge, and 22.8 ft/sec for the Black Hills 68-grain heavy match cartridge.

What was the velocity of the UMC 223?

The UMC 223 55-grain cartridge experienced a fairly significant velocity loss when the barrel was cut from 24″ to 23″ of 79 ft/sec, and 18″ to 17″ with a reduction of 84 ft/sec.

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