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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ammo do you need for Tarkov?

The lack of an early strong ammo also contributes to keeping this ammo relegated to the late game as any tier of armour can quickly hurt the effectiveness of 5.56 NATO. With its late game skew to these weapons knowing what is the best 556 ammo Tarkov has to offer will keep you safe.

What kind of rifle is used in escape from Tarkov?

The 5.56x45mm NATO is a rifle cartridge used for assault rifles in Escape from Tarkov .

Which is the magazine in escape from Tarkov?

Magpul PMAG D-60 5.56x45 60-round magazine (PMAG D-60) is a magazine in Escape from Tarkov . 60-round polymer Magpul magazine PMAG D-60 for 5.56x45 rounds.

Which is the best tracer round in Tarkov?

M856A1 is one of the many tracer rounds that Tarkov offers though but the fact it is sold by Peacekeeper Level 2 after The Cult Part 1 makes this a go to option throughout early to mid game.

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