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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel does 60 Minutes air on?

Channels are specific to your TV provider and local setting. Using the ZIP code: 77024 (Harris-Houston), 60 Minutes will air on the following Channels: Comcast (Houston) KHOU (CBS) ch 011 - 630pm. KHOUDT (CBS) - ch 611 - 630pm.

What time does 60 minutes come on TV?

The episode usually runs around 45 minutes (including commercials). What day does 60 Minutes come on? Make sure you have your TV ready every Sunday at 7:00 PM EST to catch new episodes. CBS airs 60 Minutes episodes on Sunday at 7:00 PM EST.

How long has 60 minutes been on TV?

60 Minutes, prime-time American television news show. It debuted in 1968 on CBS and has become one of the most successful programs in broadcast history. How well do you know TV from the 1960s? This quiz will show you a year; pick the TV show that premiered in the United States that year.

Where can I watch 60 Minutes Live?

Stream 60 Minutes With Hulu Hulu is both a live TV streaming service and an on-demand streaming service. CBS is available in most viewing markets. You can either watch 60 Minutes live as it airs it is not available on-demand.

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