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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is area code 610?

610 is an area code located in the state of Pennsylvania, US. The largest city it serves is Allentown. Location, time zone and map of the 610 area code

What was the last area code assigned with a 1?

Area code 610 was the last area code assigned with a "1" (one) for its middle digit. When area codes were introduced in 1947, all numbers followed the pattern N0X or N1X (where the middle digit was either a zero or one). By 1994, area code 610 was the last remaining number in this group.

What comes before the area code on a phone number?

When dialing a telephone number, the area code may be preceded by a trunk prefix (national access code), the international access code and country code. Area codes are often quoted by including the national access code.

What is a country calling code?

The standard defines a country calling code (country code) for each state or region which is prefixed to each national numbering plan telephone number for international destination routing. Private numbering plans exist in telephone networks that are privately operated in an enterprise or organizational campus.

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