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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the AMD Radeon 6600 XT release date?

The AMD Radeon 6600 XT release date is August 11th 2021 so at the time of writing this article, you’ll be two weeks away from slotting an upgraded AMD Radeon GPU into your PC.

Who makes the RX 6600 XT in the US?

Asus, XFX, PowerColor, MSI, Gigabyte, and ASRock are all making cards. Where can you buy the RX 6600 XT in the US? The RX 6600 XT is available from a wide range of major stores, which we've summarised in a handy table below.

When can you get Your Hands on the 6600 XT?

So when can you get your hands on this 1080p gaming powerhouse? Well, the official release date for the 6600 XT is August 11th 2021 which could be perfect timing before the Black Friday rush and everything goes out of stock again.

Should you buy the RTX 3060 or the AMD RX 6600 XT?

That's not our favourite Ampere graphics card, but it's still a stern competitor to AMD's RX 6000-series. The RTX 3060 12GB launched at an MSRP of $329, which means AMD will need to extend a decent lead with the RX 6600 XT at $379 to win that battle.

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