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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is 77386 ZIP code? has the most accurate 77386 real estate listings information that offer detailed property information that could help you find the home of your dreams. The zipcode 77386 is located in the city of Spring, in montgomery County, has a population of 50,040.

How many houses are for sale in Spring TX 77386?

See 391 homes for sale in Spring, TX 77386 along with houses for rent in Spring, TX 77386 directly from the Official MLS Site.

Is CPT 77386 appropriate for the left breast?

CPT 77386 may be appropriate for the left breast, depending on the location of the tumor and what tissues may be impacted. If billing CPT 77386 for the left breast, ensure the documentation supports the complex level of IMRT treatment delivery.

What is the difference between CPT 77301 and 77385?

These codes may be billed separately if they are not a part of the IMRT treatment plan and may not be billed with CPT 77301. CPT 77385 is often appropriate for breast or prostate cancer diagnoses because critical structures are not in the immediate area.

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