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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 800notes a good business?

Is this your business? 800Notes has a consumer rating of 3.13 stars from 68 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with 800Notes most frequently mention phone number and unknown numbers. 800Notes ranks 79th among Directories sites.

What is the relationship between 800 notes and collection agencies?

They patronize the collection agencies… They patronize the collection agencies which is a direct conflict of what 800 notes is all about. Collection agants hijack threads to post antagonistic or misleading information to entrap their victims after they can no longer take them to court by law.

Is 800800notes a troll site?

800notes has several trolls on there including BigA, Resident47, and TygerCat. They all make fun of posters, provide no value to the site, and bully. Quite literally, after the few times I have posted there, I get a mean, nasty or rude comment from them, usually making fun of my posts or explaining that I didn’t post correctly.

How to reduce spam calls on 800 notes?

Ask your friends who they use. The more people use who spam blockers, like FREE Nomorobo for home use, or FREE android google phone app which has a FREE spam blocker, will reduce spam calls for everyone, as it gets added to the data base for spam calls. And you will not find that information on 800notes.

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