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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about the 801 form?

This notification requires you to complete and file the 801 form ( English, English with form fields , Spanish, Spanish with form fields ) with SAIF. The date you are informed of your employee's intent to seek medical treatment is considered the date you had knowledge of the claim.

Who are the members of the band 801?

801 was an English experimental rock band originally formed in London in 1976 for three live concerts by Phil Manzanera (guitars, ex- Roxy Music, Quiet Sun ), Brian Eno (keyboards, synthesizers, guitar, vocals and tapes, ex-Roxy Music), Bill MacCormick (bass and vocals, ex-Quiet Sun, Matching Mole ),...

When did 801 Live come out in Australia?

801 Live became a significant cult success in many countries, notably in Australia, where it was heavily promoted by the ABC's new 24-hour rock station Double Jay (2JJ), which had opened in January 1975.

What does the 801 Restaurant Group do for a living?

The 801 Restaurant Group partners with local charities to provide volunteer hours as well as funds to those in need.

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