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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 85 mean in the English Dictionary?

85 - definition of 85 by The Free Dictionary Define 85. 85 synonyms, 85 pronunciation, 85 translation, English dictionary definition of 85. Adj. 1. 85 - being five more than eighty eighty-five, lxxxv cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers" Based on...

What are the factors of 85?

In Mathematics, factors of 85 are the natural numbers that can be written in product form to get the original number. These factors divide the original number into equal numbers of parts. For example, 85 is divisible by 5 (by divisibility rules ). So, 85 divided by 5 is equal to 17. Hence, 5 divides the number 85 into 17 equal parts.

What are the multiples of 85?

The multiples of 85 are 85, 170, 255, 340, 425, 510, 595, 680, 765 and 850. We can further find the multiples by multiplying 85 to the next consecutive natural numbers. What is the greatest prime factor of 85? The greatest prime factor of 85 is 17.

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