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Frequently Asked Questions

Does UTC have daylight savings?

UTC does not change with a change of seasons, but local time or civil time may change if a time zone jurisdiction observes daylight saving time or summer time.

When is midnight UTC?

UTC is 24-hour time, which begins at 0:00 at midnight. 12:00 is noon, 13:00 is 1 p.m., 14:00 is 2 p.m. and so on until 23:59, which is 11:59 p.m.

What is UTC time zone mean?

UTC or Coordinated Universal Time. Coordinated Universal Time or UTC is the world time standard. World time zones are defined as positive or negative offsets from UTC. UTC has replaced Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time (in English) or Temps universel coordonné (in French). UTC clocks have no daylight saving time.

Is GMT same as UTC?

In casual use, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the same as UTC and UT1. Owing to the ambiguity of whether UTC or UT1 is meant, and because timekeeping laws usually refer to UTC, GMT is avoided in careful writing.

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