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Frequently Asked Questions

How many square feet is 8'x8?

How to Calculate Square Feet for 8'x8'? How many square feet for a 8 feet wide by 8 feet long room? Square footage is calculated by multiplying width by length. So if a room is 8 foot wide by 8 foot long, 8 x 8 = 64 square feet.

What is the difference between the 8x8 work for desktop packages?

8x8 provides two Work for Desktop packages for Windows. The two packages are fundamentally different, using different deployment and update mechanisms. 8x8 strongly recommends employing the EXE installer, as it ensures that users are easily able to enjoy the latest fixes, features, and security enhancements available in Work for Desktop.

What is 8x8 DNS and how do I use it?

If your network only consists of a single LAN (you are not using VLANs), 8x8 can set the DNS of your hard phones to the GTMs. This ensures proper Geo Routing of your 8x8 traffic to the closest 8x8 data center for each location.

What are your network requirements for 8x8?

The following terms are essential in understanding your network requirements for 8x8: Jitter: A measure of the time interval between data packets as they reach their destination. A low degree of jitter indicates a relatively steady stream of data packets.

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