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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 8x8 phone system?

8x8 is a hosted VoIP telephone service for businesses. Designed to reduce the complexities associated with most professional telephone systems, it is scalable, secure, and flexible. Businesses that use 8x8 are able to route calls to their employees’ landlines, smartphones, or the company’s IP softphones.

What is 8x8 VoIP services?

8x8 VoIP Phone Service is a cloud-hosted communications platform that aids businesses from various industries such as insurance, construction, healthcare, finance, and transportation in providing better customer service through a flexible and mobile solution regardless of time and place.

What does 8x8, Inc. mean?

What does 8x8, Inc. mean? 8x8, Inc. 8x8 Inc. is a United States communications technology company that provides VoIP service providers in the country. 8x8 services include cloud-based voice, call center, video, mobile and unified communications solutions for medium to enterprise-sized businesses and distributed enterprise customers.

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