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Frequently Asked Questions

How big should photo tiles be on a wall?

Our 8×8 photo tiles make it easy to start a symmetrical gallery wall. You can choose to go from the top to the bottom of a wall or only select a small space to fill. Be sure to leave approximately two inches between each frame for a structured look.

What kind of wall art is photo tiles?

We want to introduce you to the newest addition to our custom wall art family, photo tiles! Photo tiles are custom-printed stick-on picture tiles that make creating your own personalized gallery wall effortless.

How big are the photo tiles on Shutterfly?

The way our new photo tiles work is remarkably easy: You upload your favorite images – photos, drawings, screenshots, quotes, and more – and then select the size tile you’d like (available in 8″ x 8″ and 5″ x 7″).

What makes photo tiles stick to the wall?

These tiles stick to your wall as easily as magnets stick to your fridge. The high-quality metal prints are extra light, which allows them to stick to surfaces with nothing but the adhesive tape. That means no tools, nails or hooks required! Print multiple photo tiles and add or adjust them for an evolving photo wall.

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