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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use 8x8 workdesktop on a desktop?

8x8 WorkDesktop 1 Download the App. To get started, first download the desktop app. 2 Forgot Username and Password. Launch the application and enter your 8x8 login and password. Click Login. Don’t know your... 3 Navigation. More ...

What does the 8x8 work app do for You?

Phone, Chat, Video Meetings. Take the 8x8 Work service with you on the go with the 8x8 Work Mobile app for phone, video conferencing and chat. 8x8 Work Mobile app is an all-in-one cloud-based collaboration tool that organizations around the world use to mobilize their workforce.

What happens if I use an old version of 8x8?

An inability to log in to Work for Desktop due to use of an old version has no bearing on your other 8x8 services, such as the browser-based Work for Web, Work for Mobile, your voicemail, your desk phone connectivity, Virtual Office Account Manager or 8x8 Admin Console, 8x8 Support Portal (My 8x8), etc.

Is there an 8x8 version of virtual office?

Note: As of 8/11/20 and app version 7.0, Virtual Office Desktop is now 8x8 Work for Desktop. 8x8 Express: How do I import contacts in Virtual Office?

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