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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 925 stand for?

925 stands for Sterling Silver (925 of 1000 fine silver) Suggest new definition. This definition appears very frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

What does 925 mean on a ring?

What does 925 on a ring mean? The stamp 925 is called a hallmark . It lets the buyer know the quality and authenticity of the metal. In this case, this hallmark does not speak of the gold content in the jewelry. Instead, that stamp refers to the sterling silver content found within the gold ring.

What does 925 mean on a gold ring?

In gold rings, the 925 mark means that the ring's actual or base metal is sterling silver that's coated/ plated with gold . Therefore, the next time you see a 925 mark on a piece that looks genuinely gold, you know that it means that you are buying a gold-plated sterling silver ring.

What does the 925 stand for in a silver ring?

To identify it as such, the number 925 is stamped upon the silver, often in a hidden part of the jewelry. This number is known as the hallmark and denotes the percentage of silver purity in the alloy. In other words, 925 is the same as sterling silver , meaning that if there is any other stamp on the metal, it is not sterling silver.

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