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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it say 400 Bad Request?

The 400 Bad Request Error is an HTTP response status code that indicates that the server was unable to process the request sent by the client due to invalid syntax. As with the dozens of potential HTTP response codes, receiving a 400 Bad Request Error while accessing your own application can...

How to fix HHTP error?

9 Easy Ways to Fix WordPress HTTP Error Solution 1: Confirm the HTTP Error. ... Solution 2: Switch Browsers. ... Solution 3: Deactivate Plugins. ... Solution 4: Increase WordPress Memory Limit. ... Solution 5: Make GD Library Your Default Image Editor. ... Solution 6: Editing .htaccess. ... Solution 7: Check Your Theme. ... Solution 8: Check Your PHP Version. ... Solution 9: Clear Your Caches. ...

What is a website error code?

When a problem occurs loading a webpage, an error code and message will appear in the browser instead of the webpage. The error code and message that appears is determined by the type of error. Typically the error code consists of a 3 to 4 digit number and a brief message describing the error.

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