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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Arnotts Biscuits Biscuits in Australia?

Arnott’s Biscuits celebrates 125 years and launches Tiny Teddy biscuits. More than one hundred years after Arnott’s was founded on a steadfast insistence on the finest quality, the company celebrates its 125-year anniversary as Australia’s favourite biscuit company.

Why did Arnott's stop making lattice biscuits?

Products are discontinued for a variety of reasons. Each decision however is researched extensively and reflects consumer consumption behaviours. Why did Arnott’s discontinue Lattice biscuits? Due to ongoing low sales and limited shelf space in supermarkets, the difficult decision was made to stop the production of Arnott’s Lattice biscuits.

When did Arnotts biscuit company merge with Morrows?

In 1949 it merged with Morrows Pty Ltd, a Brisbane biscuit manufacturer, forming William Arnotts, Morrow Pty Ltd. In the 1960s, a series of amalgamations and acquisitions in the Australian market resulted in the creation of the Australian Biscuit Company Pty Ltd.

When did Arnotts Biscuits become part of Campbell Soup Company?

In 1997, the Campbell Soup Compan of North America, a shareholder of Arnott's since the 1980s, acquired Arnott's in full. Thus, in 1997, Arnott's Biscuits Ltd became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Campbell Soup Company.

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