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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of the Australian Securities Exchange?

The Australian Securities Exchange is Australia's primary securities exchange. It is owned and operated by ASX Limited, with the exchange also commonly referred to as the ASX.

When did the Australian Stock Exchange become an exchange?

In 2006, the Sydney Futures Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange merged to form the Australian Securities Exchange. The ASX is ranked fifth by the World Economic Forum in financial systems and capital markets. The Australian Securities Exchange operates in many markets.

How is the Australian Securities Exchange [ ASX ] classified?

Australia has been traditionally associated with 24 industry sectors unique to the country. ASX indices are classified according to S&P’s Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS). Fixed Rate: Pay a fixed interest rate for the life of the bond.

How many shareowners are on the Australian Stock Exchange?

Understanding the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) ASX has a combined 150 years of exchange experience. In 2018 it had a team of 530 employees, along with 6.7 million shareowners, 180 participants, and nearly 2,200 listed companies and issuers. ASX is consistently ranked among the top exchanges globally.

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