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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the story of Boag's brewery start?

The story of James Boag’s Brewery starts in 1881 on the banks of the Esk River in Launceston. It was there James Boag and son established their tradition of brewing excellence.

Where is James Boag brewery in Launceston located?

The James Boag Brewery have been brewing crisp, refreshing lagers and ales on the banks of Launceston’s Esk River since 1881, and now you have the opportunity to discover what goes into producing Tasmania’s finest beer.

When did San Miguel Corporation buy Boag's brewery?

In 2000, San Miguel Corporation acquired J. Boag & Son (previously a publicly listed company) for $92 million. The existing Tasmanian management was retained to continue running the company; production had increased annually for the previous 3 years and this growth was planned to continue.

What to eat and drink at James Boag?

Round out the perfect weekend, with a food and beverage experience lounging in the sunny James Boag’s Beer Garden. 90 minutes of Bottomless Boag’s beers, Tasmanian wine, and some classic Sunday Morning beverage favourites, served aside a brunch platter of premium Tasmanian cheese, cured meats, pickles, conserves and breads.

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