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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business does CSR Limited do?

+ Security prices are delayed by at least 20 minutes and are indicative only. CSR Limited (CSR) is engages in manufacture and supply of building products in Australia and New Zealand.

Where is the corporate headquarters of CSR Limited?

The group's corporate headquarters is in North Ryde (Triniti 3 Building), a suburb of Sydney. Founded in Sydney in 1855 as the Colonial Sugar Refining Company at the Old Sugarmill, the company expanded into milling cane in Queensland and Fiji from the 1870s.

When was CSR separated from its building products business?

CSR separated its sugar and energy businesses from its building products business in 2009, which resulted in the creation of Sucrogen as CSR's sugar and energy business.

What did CSR Limited do with the sugar industry?

It quickly became the most important miller and refiner in Australasia, with a virtual monopoly on Queensland and Fiji sugar production up to, respectively, 1989 and 1972. It also sold by-products of the sugar industry, from molasses to ethanol.

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