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Frequently Asked Questions

What does electrical receptacle stand for?

Electrical outlets or receptacles are often called plugs or plug-ins, but a plug is the proper term for the male cord end (that plugs into an outlet or a receptacle). The best definition of an outlet or receptacle is "an opening or series of openings connected to a wired power source meant to power electrical equipment and components".

How can you tell if an electrical receptacle is worn out?

There are two clear indications of a worn-out electrical receptacle: the cord"s weight pulls the plug out of the receptacle or the plug blades do not make constant electrical contact within the receptacle slots. At that point, the old electrical receptacle should be replaced.

Is GFI needed in every receptacle?

GFCIs are also required on all receptacles serving kitchen countertops . In laundry rooms and utility rooms, GFCIs should be installed on outlets within six feet of sinks, washing machines, and water heaters. They should also be installed within six feet of a wet bar and in garages and unfinished basements.

What is the common wiring in a receptacle?

Typically an electrical receptacle is wired with two insulated wires and a bare ground wire , all three of which are encased in a plastic (NMC) or metal (BX) jacket. You'll see this wire labeled as 14/2 Type NM B with groun d (photo at left) or 14/2 Type NM C with ground.

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