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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Holden have against the movies?

Holden feels that the illusions of movies are exactly that, illusions. This goes against his self-imposed mantra of authenticity. Holden attaches his hatred of movies to his anxieties over women. In chapter 16, Holden uses the women's love of movies as a weakness of the gender there by allowing him to escape back into himself...

What does Holden stand for?

The name Holden is of English origin. The meaning of Holden is "hollow in the valley". Holden is generally used as a boy's name.

What is Holden desperate for?

Holden is also lonely, so he may be desperate for company, but not just any company. He is a rather discriminating character, which means that Holden is selective about his friends and whom he can trust, and people often let him down. Holden is desperate for real friendship and connection.

What is Holden critical of?

Holden is critical of phonies or hypocrites. He hates his brother for "selling out" to Hollywood. In reality, he hates his brother for becoming a successful adult. Above all else, Holden is critical of adults. He sees children has pure beings and wants to remain a child for as long as he can.

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