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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name NV mean?

N.V. is an acronym for the Dutch phrase "Naamloze Vennootschap", which is the equivalent of a public company in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Education General

Is NV a community property state?

Nevada is a community property state. This means that each spouse owns 50% of the assets and debts acquired during the marriage. Upon divorce, courts distribute these assets and debts equally between the spouses.

What does NV stand for in medical?

NVS. Neurologic Vital Signs. Neurology. ****. NVS. neural vital signs. **. NVS. nutritionally variantstreptococci.

What does NV motto mean?

Nevada's official state motto, ' All for our country, ' was adopted as an element of the Great Seal of the State of Nevada. It was adopted in 1886. The motto has always been part of the state seal but there is no documented source of its originality.

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