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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about reader development?

Reader development takes an inclusive approach to whatever people are reading. We don’t need to make value judgments about the 'quality' of books as we shift the focus to the quality of the reading experience. Think about all the barriers that we have to overcome every time we pick a new book to read. Is this the kind of book I usually like?

What are the stages of development in reading?

Books at this level have: Readers at this stage have developed an understanding of the alphabet, phonological awareness, and early phonics. They have command of a significant number of high-frequency words. Emergent readers are developing a much better grasp of comprehension strategies and word-attack skills.

What's the stage of development for a fluent reader?

Early Fluent Readers (Levels K-P) At this stage, reading is more automatic, with more energy devoted to comprehension than word attack. Readers are approaching independence in comprehending text. These readers are experiencing a greater variety of text and are able to recognize different styles and genres.

When does a reader move from learning to read?

Readers have successfully moved from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Their reading is automatic and is done with expression and proper pauses. Their energy is devoted to understanding, and they have good command and use of the various comprehension strategies. These readers read a wide range of text types and do so independently.

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