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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is Rinker Group Ltd?

2004: Rinker announces plans to spend $120 million on new acquisitions and greenfield development. Rinker Group Ltd. is one of the world's top ten heavy building materials groups, with emphasis on cement, concrete, aggregate, and other construction and infrastructure materials, such as asphalt, cement pipes, and prestressed concrete products.

What are the major divisions of Rinker Group?

Rinker operated three major divisions: Readymix, which produced and delivered bulk concrete and quarried rock and sand for the building industry for the Australian market. Humes, a manufacturer of concrete products including pipe, rail track materials, precast concrete bridges, culverts and the like, for the Australian market.

Who was the founder of Rinker Cement Company?

Rinker had been founded in 1926 by Marshall E. "Doc" Rinker, who started in business hauling sand and rock with a single dump truck--which was subsequently repossessed in 1929. Yet Rinker was able to buy back the truck, and then went on to found a fleet of trucks serving a network of cement, concrete]

Where did Rinker get most of its revenue?

In Florida, for instance, it operated under the name "Florida Materials", and ran a substantial retail network for these materials and other building products. About 80% of Rinker's revenue and profits came from its US operations.

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