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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sydney Ferries mean?

Sydney Ferries is a public transport agency, providing ferry services on Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River in Sydney, Australia.Having operated on Sydney Harbour and its related waterways since 1875, today Sydney Ferries carry over 14 million...more.

Will Sydney's New River class ferries run on weekends?

Ferry lovers will be able to enjoy Freshwater services on weekends after the NSW Government confirmed its plan to retain one of the vessels. Some of NSW’s leading artists, authors and athletes have been selected to lend their names to Sydney’s new fleet of 10 River Class ferries.

How many ferry wharfs are there in Sydney?

There are 5 Ferry Wharfs at the Quay from where Ferries depart for and return from 37 different locations throughout Sydney's beautiful harbour and inland along the Parramatta River. You can enjoy unlimited rides on Sydney Ferries along with trains, buses and light rail for a capped daily or weekly rate by paying...

How has Sydney's ferry fleet changed?

Sydney’s Ferry Fleet received a boost with six new Inner Harbour ferries and added Inner Harbour routes. Key benefits. Sydney’s transport needs are growing and changing, which creates a need for new ferries. We have initially introduced six new Inner Harbour ferries to meet this demand, as part of Sydney’s Ferry Future plan.

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