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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Vicinity Centres based?

The company is headquartered in Melbourne with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, Vicinity Centres (VCX) employs over 500 people in Australia.

Is Vicinity Centres listed on ASX?

Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Vicinity Centres consists of Vicinity Limited and its controlled entities, which includes Vicinity Centres Trust No. 1, Vicinity Centres Trust No. 2 and Vicinity Centres Trust No. 3.

What is the ticket code for Vicinity Centres?

Although separate entities, the securities of each are stapled together as ‘Vicinity Centres’ to ensure that they are traded as a single interest. The ASX ticket code for Vicinity Centres is VCX.

How do I contact Vicinity Centres about leasing or advertising?

To contact us about leasing or advertising in one of the 61 centres managed by Vicinity Centres use the appropriate contact below. If you would like to lease space within a Vicinity centre, or have a leasing enquiry, simply complete and submit our leasing form.

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