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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of alignof in C++?

This operator is typically used through the convenience macro alignof, which is provided in the header stdalign.h Returns the alignment requirement of the type named by type-name. If type-name is an array type, the result is the alignment requirement of the array element type.

What is the return type of alignof?

If the type is reference type, the operator returns the alignment of referenced type; if the type is array type, alignment requirement of the element type is returned. See alignment for the meaning and properties of the value returned by alignof .

What is the alignment requirement for the specified type?

Queries the alignment requirement for the specified type. The alignment requirement is a positive integral power of 2 representing the number of bytes between which two objects of the type may be allocated. In C, the alignment requirement is measured in size_t. The type name may not be an incomplete type nor a function type.

What is the operand type of alignof $_alignof in GCC?

In ISO C11, the operand of alignof/_Alignof must be a parenthesized type. Recent versions of GCC support an extension in which the operand can also be a unary expression, as with sizeof. The Gnulib substitute does not support this extension.

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