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Frequently Asked Questions

What good is an ABN?

An ABN gives you the opportunity to accept or refuse the items or services and protects you from unexpected financial liability in cases where Medicare denies payment. It also offers you the right to appeal Medicare's decision.

When to issue an ABN?

An ABN is used when service (s) provided may not be reimbursed by Medicare. If the healthcare provider believes that Medicare will not pay for some or all of the items or services, an ABN should be given to the patient.

What does the abbreviation ABN stand for?

ABN stands for Advanced Beneficiary Notification. An ABN must be signed prior to providing a Medicare service or test to document that the patient is willing to assume responsibility for payment of services that Medicare may not cover when subject to either National or Local Coverage Determinations (NCD) or (LCD).

What is the purpose of the ABN?

The ABN is a written notice given to a Medicare beneficiary before providing services, which are expected to be denied by Medicare. The purpose of the ABN is to allow your patient to make a decision before receiving services that will probably be denied by Medicare.

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