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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AC900 wireless router?

This router offers wireless-AC technology, which delivers a faster, stronger Wi-Fi connection ideal for online HD video streaming services. The AC900 includes a USB 3.0 port and four gigabit ports to let you connect multiple devices, allowing you to quickly print, share, and store content across your network.

What is beamforming on the Linksys AC900 Smart Wi-Fi router?

The Linksys AC900 Smart Wi-Fi router features beamforming, an innovative technology that optimizes the wireless signal strength between your connected devices and Linksys router. Beamforming enables the router to identify and connect directly with other devices, rather than simply sending out wireless signals in a general direction.

Is the at365-ac9000 an Old Slow Turtle?

The AT365-AC9000 router is NOT an old slow turtle like most current routers! It comes fully equipped with latest-generation AC wireless technology (802.11ac). With older Wireless-G routers you are sacrificing overall speed and security while using the wireless capabilities when connected with newer devices.

What makes the at365-ac9000 secure router different?

The AnyTech365 Secure Router is equipped with Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON (Self-Organizing Network) mesh technology to deliver robust and consistent connectivity to your entire home. Multiple units are required to extend the Wi-Fi network throughout your home. The AT365-AC9000 router is NOT an old slow turtle like most current routers!

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