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What does it mean to be in academia?

We could describe the position of the architectural design research that takes place between the profession and academia as characterised by anxiety and ambivalence. Governments tried to connect different ministries, business sectors and academia, in the hope that the combined forces of these actors could create policy-specific synergies.

What can you do with website? is a commercial social networking website for academics. The platform can be used to share papers (although it is not an open access repository), monitor their impact, and follow the research in a particular field.

How can I get free papers on academia?

Academia Free Features Click here to learn more about Academia's free features, including uploading and downloading papers. Academia Premium Features & Payment Questions Click here for more information about Academia's subscription suite, Academia Premium, and billing. Are Papers on Academia Free?

Who are the competitors of website?'s competitors include ResearchGate, Google Scholar and Mendeley. Compared to ResearchGate, in 2016 reportedly had more registered users (about 34 million versus 11 million) and higher web traffic, but ResearchGate was substantially larger in terms of active usage by researchers.

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