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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Academia Europaea a pan-European Academy?

The Academia Europaea is a pan-European Academy of Humanities, Letters, Law, and Sciences. The Academia was founded in 1988 as a functioning Europe-wide Academy that encompasses all fields of scholarly inquiry. It acts as co-ordinator of European interests in national research agencies.

Who is the Gold Award winner of Academia Europaea?

A new book by Susana Onega and Jean-Michel Ganteau, members of the Literary and theatrical studies section. Academia Europaea provides links to information and research about the coronavirus. The Gold Award of Academia Europaea will be awarded to Professor Ole Petersen MAE FRS for his contribution to the development of European Science.

What is the purpose of the Academy of Europe?

The aim of the Academy is to promote European research, advise governments and international organisations in scientific matters, and further interdisciplinary and international research. Information for Academia Europaea members: how to log in and some other important hints for starting to explore this site and editing personal web space .

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