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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the IOC seminar in Sinica 2019?

Introduction to Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology (II)[3] PIs in IoC Wednesday 9:00-12:00 3/4 Room B105 IoC Seminar[1] Hwu, Yeu-Kuang (IoP) Faculty Members

Which is the Institute of Physics in Sinica?

*AS = Academia Sinica *IAMS = Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, located in NTU *IoC = Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica *IoP = Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica *RCAS = Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica

What kind of Education does Academia Sinica offer?

As an educational institute, it provides PhD training and scholarship through its English-language Taiwan International Graduate Program in biology, agriculture, chemistry, physics, informatics, and earth and environmental sciences.

Who is the current president of Academia Sinica?

The current president since 2016 is James C. Liao, an expert in metabolic engineering, systems biology and synthetic biology. Academia Sinica was founded in 1928 in Nanking, then capital of the Republic of China, with its first meeting held in Shanghai.

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