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Frequently Asked Questions

Is peloton good for weight loss?

Peloton will burn calories. No question. Weight loss is a combination of exercise and healthy eating/nutrition. Your body's metabolism will need to adjust (speed up), and that whole process can take longer than a month. It will vary, but 2-3lbs of weight loss/month is a healthy rate for many people to shed extra weight.

What are clips does peloton use?

The major and popular types today are Shimano SPD and Shimano SPD-SL or Look Delta clips. So, what kind of clips does peloton use? Cleats for Peloton bikes have to be suitable for Look delta clip system or Shimano SPD-SL, which will fit Peloton bike pedals. Generally, there are cleats with either two or three holes.

Who is the peloton model?

The Peloton is a popular model in the cycling community as many riders are looking to find a bike that provides the experience of being in a spin class while in their own home. The Peloton is the closest riders will get to an in-studio experience without physically leaving their homes.

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