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Frequently Asked Questions

What are accessories and how do they work?

Accessories are items that can be obtained by talking to an NPC who will sell it to you, or as a drop reward from killing a Boss, or by just killing a person. You can wear it by clicking anywhere on the screen once you have the specific accessory equipped.

What are the best accessories in World 1?

Black Cape: you're new and think this is the best accessory in World 1, also you cant decide if Flamingo or Admiral Cape is better. Admiral Cape: you're ALSO new and like stamina. Cool Shades: you really think this is the best accessory in the first world, and you look drippy with them.

What are the best accessories for women's fashion?

Build up your transitional wardrobe and work an effortlessly on-style fedora, statement pendant necklace or fringed, faux suede, shoulder bag. Whatever your style, perfect your look with women’s accessories.

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