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Frequently Asked Questions

What does all according to Hoyle mean?

according to Hoyle In keeping with established rules; on the highest authority, as in The tax records are in excellent order, all according to Hoyle.

Who is Sarah Hoyt?

I’m Sarah A. Hoyt. I am a novelist with (I think) twenty three novels out. There might be more, as I haven’t counted recently. I could tell you what genres I write in, but that is liable to change on very short notice. So far I haven’t written pure romance, hard sci fi or man’s adventure. However my unofficial motto is “no genre is safe from me.”

What does it mean to propose to someone according to Hoyle?

according to Hoyle. According to accepted standards or rules. The phrase refers to 17th-century British writer Edmond Hoyle, who wrote extensively on the rules of card games. According to Hoyle, this is the proper way to change a tire. I refuse to propose to my boyfriend. The man is supposed to propose to the woman, according to Hoyle.

How do I contact Ms Hoyt?

Ms Hoyt – Greatly impressed with your thoughts and writing. Would like to invite you for a guest interview on my radio show. Respectfully – commander cobra Give me an email to contact you. Or send me an email to my first two initials, my last name at the mail of heat. Warning, I have an accent you can cut with a machete.

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