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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sign into email?

Open the email containing the document to sign, tap on the document attachment as usual to preview it within the Mail app (the document can be PDF or otherwise) then tap the toolbox icon. Tap on the Signature button in the lower right corner of the Markup preview. Use a finger on the touch screen to sign the document as usual, then tap on “Done”.

How do you sign into mail?

Steps Go to the Yahoo! website. Click on the "Mail" icon. Enter your email address in the labeled field. Click on Next. Enter your password in the labeled field. Click on Sign in. Click on the "Mail" icon.

How do you open an email address?

Opening an Email on Your Computer Go to your email provider's website. Log into your email account. Click on “Inbox.” A list of current emails will be listed on part of the screen. Most commonly, a sender and subject title will be displayed indicating who sent the email and what the email is in regards to. Click on one of your emails.

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