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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Find my checking account number?

You can generally find the account number on a check by locating the following symbol: ⑈. The digits just before that symbol are your account number. For an example, see the image on the top of this page, where the account number is highlighted in yellow (or view a larger image).

How many digits is a checking account number?

Your Checking account number is the middle group of numbers at the bottom of a check. Be sure to include the 01 when referring to the Checking account, avoiding spaces or hyphens, so the account number is a total of ten digits.

What numbers on the check is the checking account?

You can find your account number at the bottom of your checks, the second set of numbers from the left that is between 9 and 12 digits. This number lets the bank know which checking account to take the funds from.

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