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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup pin in Windows 10?

Set Up PIN in Windows 10 Use the keyboard shortcut Windows-I to open the Settings application on the system. Navigate to Accounts > Sign-In options. Locate the Pin section on the page. Click or tap on the add button. Enter the account password for verification. See More....

How often should I Change my PIN?

Many banks recommend changing your PIN every six months or so to protect your account from theft. As long as you know your PIN, you can change it at your bank’s ATM machine or by calling your bank’s customer service number. If you’re unsure of your PIN and want to change it, you’ll have to call your bank to do so.

What is my account pin used for?

The core purpose of a personal identification number (PIN) is to provide an additional layer of security to the electronic transaction process. Debit cards are the most common instance in which individuals will need to use a personal identification number (PIN), primarily when they withdraw money from their bank account.

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