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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five rights of delegation?

When delegating a task to another individual, there are five rights of delegation that must be considered. "The five rights of delegation include the right task, the right circumstance, the right person, the right communication and the right supervision" (Tomey, 2009).

What is the difference between authority and accountability?

Key difference: In business functions, 'authority' and 'accountability' are roles which work hand-in-hand. Authority is the right or power assigned to an individual, whereas Accountability is the ability to handle authority from all aspects. Authority is the set of rights issued to an individual.

What is the purpose for delegation?

The primary purpose of delegation is to make the organization possible. Just as no one person in an enterprise can do all the tasks necessary for accomplishing group purpose, it is impossible, as an enterprise grows, for one person to exercise all the authority for making decisions.

What is effective delegation?

Effective delegation is the mechanism by which leaders are able to empower their employees. Delegation is about giving employees the accountability to make the right decisions, to change the process and to be the owner of the task or project.

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