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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Dei work valued in an organization?

DEI work is not intuitive. People need to be taught how to engage in the types of behaviors that organizations would like to see. To show that DEI is valued work, CEOs should require leaders and managers to attend trainings that are focused on improving their DEI work-related skills.

How is accountability important to diversity and inclusion?

Accountable individuals acknowledge that there is always work they can do to foster inclusive environments. They stay alert to their cognitive biases, seek out a diverse set of connections, experiences and perceptions, and continuously challenge themselves to learn about the messages they are sending to others.

Can a CEO be a champion of dei?

CEOs and DEI experts should not be the only leaders speaking up in support of the organization’s DEI goals and work. A long-standing practice in companies experienced in DEI work has been to appoint executive sponsors or “champions” to DEI initiatives.

Why is accountability important at the individual level?

Infusing accountability at the organizational and individual level is key to building diverse organizations with inclusive cultures.

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