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Frequently Asked Questions

Do our schools need a new accountability system?

But the bottom line is we do not need a new system of accountability for schools, because our problem has never been a lack of accountability within our schools. We need some accountability for children's lives, for their bellies being full, for safe homes and neighborhoods, and for their futures when they graduate.

What is Accountability System in education?

In the context of education, accountability is the idea that schools are responsible for ensuring that pupils' academic achievements meet agreed standards. According to government departments and agencies, educational accountability is essential for the evaluation of policies and budgets as well as for the allocation of resources.

What is the Texas accountability system?

Texas Higher Education Accountability System. The Higher Education Accountability System is used to track performance on critical measures that exemplify higher education institutions' missions. The System is modeled on the state's higher education plan, Closing the Gaps by 2015. Its major focus is on the four Closing the Gaps target areas...

What is accountability assessment?

Accountability and Assessment. The Office of Accountability and Assessment is responsible for the collection, validation and reporting of all assessment, student, staff and financial data. The office includes the following areas: Systemwide Testing coordinates the security, administration and processing of state and federally-mandated assessments.

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