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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a person who is accountable?

To be accountable means to be responsible or answerable to someone for something. It involves taking responsibility for your own actions and being able to explain them. Accountability comes in many forms and is used in all aspects of our society.

Why to be accountable?

Accountability Benefit #1: You perform better under observation . People make better choices and perform at a higher level when they know they are being watched by others. The reasoning is simple-when you are held accountable for your actions, you will work harder.

What if you are too accountable?

What If You Are TOO Accountable? It's a thing: being too accountable. The concept of being responsible for your actions is a positive and empowering message communicated by good parents, respectable organizations, teachers, mental health professionals, leaders with integrity and many others. And it should be.

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