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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the job responsibilities of an accountant?

The accountant's job is to delegate certain aspects of their job, including data entry, then supervise the new employee's progress. The accounting professional will also be responsible for doing all of the employees' performance reviews, then recommending certain action plans for their development.

What jobs can an accountant do?

An accountant's job is to record, analyze and report a company or individual's financial status. The accountant functions as an advisor. The client reviews the bookkeeping services and what accountant is telling them about their financial state to make adjustments as needed.

What are the responsibilites of an accountant?

An accountant has a responsibility to his clients, his company's managers, investors, and creditors, as well as to outside regulatory bodies. Accountants are responsible for the validity of the financial statements they work on, and they must perform their duties following all applicable principles, standards, and laws.

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