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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the career opportunities in accounting?

Accountants can pursue careers as actuaries, bank examiners, commercial bankers, estate planners or consumer credit officers. They may become an industrial buyer, inventory control specialist or a tax examiner.

What are the roles and responsibilities of accounting?

Whatever the case, accounting job responsibilities can include analyzing accounting records, computing taxes, developing budgets, providing auditing services and even giving financial advice.

What is entry level position in accounting?

An entry-level accounting job is one of the most conventional yet rewarding positions to build a strong career. Entry-level accounting positions play a very important role in the field of accounting—they are responsible for keeping or recording financial transactions of a firm.

What are the tasks of an accountant?

The duties of an accountant include many bookkeeping tasks, such as making journal entries and posting accounts payable, receivables, and payroll taxes. Accountants handle most of the day-to-day financial tasks of a company, firm, or corporation.

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