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Frequently Asked Questions

What are different accounting job titles?

There are a wide range of accounting job titles that include accounting clerk, auditor, bookkeeper and bursar. Certified public accountant is a title earned after taking a qualifying exam.

What jobs can you get with a job in accounting?

After graduating with an associate degree in accounting, graduates can get jobs as public accounting assistants at corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies. Graduates are also able to begin careers as bookkeepers. Job duties for these workers can include: Posting financial transactions.

What are the best careers in accounting?

There are many possible occupations you could pursue with an accounting degree, but here are five of the best: Financial manager. Actuary. Financial analyst/personal financial planner. Budget analyst. Loan officer.

What are the career opportunities for accounting majors?

The banking industry offers many challenging career opportunities for accounting majors. Individuals can seek work as an accountant or a finance manager. Broking, investment management, treasury management, and tax work are few of the areas that demand accounting professionals.

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