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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of CCI?

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Owner of CCI, Sharon brings an extensive background of operations management, account management, public relations, advertising, and human resources consulting to the organization. She is responsible for the company’s strategic direction as well as setting the service delivery standards for our practices.

What is CCI's Board of Trustees?

CCI is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of the chairperson for each of the current registry level examination committees and one representative for the certificate level exams. CCI's Board of Trustees is advised by a Board of Advisors representing each cardiovascular specialty field for which the corporation has a registry level credential.

How do I create a CCI userid?

In summary, CCI userid creation is a two step process: The project sponsor submits a CCI Project Information Form to define a project and its participants. Each participant submits a CCI User Information Form and a CCI User Responsibility Agreement. You may add new participants at any time.

Why do I have an ID number in the CCI system?

You have never applied to sit for any CCI Examinations, either electronically or through paper submission. If you have applied for an examination that you did not take yet or pass, you will have an ID number in our system.

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