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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job description of accounts payable?

Accounts Payable Job Description. An accounts payable administrator or clerk is generally responsible for processing invoices and issuing payments. A number of related tasks are included in this function. Adapt the sample job description to reflect the accounts payable duties, responsibilities and skills required for this position in your company.

What is the objective of accounts payable?

Another one of the accounts payable goals and objectives is to operate in support of all the other accounting functions. This means not only recording expenses and printing checks quickly, but providing support to other areas of accounting as needed.

What are some examples of accounts payable?

Examples of accounts payable include accounting services, legal services, supplies, and utilities. Accounts payable are usually reported in a business' balance sheet under short-term liabilities. To unlock this lesson you must be a Member.

What are the duties of a supervisor on a resume?

Some of the primary responsibilities on a security supervisor resume include creating schedules, monitoring security staff performance, and utilizing current staff to meet security needs. A good security supervisor resume shows a professional who can wear many hats.

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